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My role in the group.

1) Coming up with a name!

Week one, our group all sat round to come up with a team name for ourself, being the highly creative and original bunch that we are, we came up with Blank. So … Blank Advertising we are 🙂

I came up with a quick logo for the group, which I have used for the banner on the group blog.

2). Induviual work.

One we had come up with a group name, we decided, to go away as induvuals and come up with our own ideas based on Hydrate.

I looked up the scientific definition:

Of Hydrate: any of a class of compounds containing chemically combined water.

and Rehydrate: To supply water to (i.e a person) in order to restore or maintain fluid balance.

For my ideas, I didn’t just want to go for the obviously, like a drink, because, I thought everyone would be doing that sort of thing.

A few of my ideas were:

•Hydroelectricity: Advertise this form of renewable energy. HYDRATE YOUR HOMES!

•Camel bags for treking.

•Skin, and Moisturisers, though I wasn’t sure this would work for an animation.

•Gardening products

•Sports products

I looked at a product called Zero, which are low calorie, fast hydration tablets. And I put together a little storyboard idea. Where a man who has been exercising drinks water and still feels dehydrated, he takes the pills and he is fine, simple.

I also looked at contact lenses and solution, lipsticks, hot tubs, martinis, I just toyed with a few things!

3) After a group met, we decided we like 3 ideas, One about milk, which had a nice, innocent feel about a cow jumping over the moon, (based on the nursery rhyme). An idea about wasting to much water in the UK and US and the effects it has on the rest of the world, where we would use the letters H2O to represent water and show it breaking apart in LEDC’s to H and O2, which can’t be used for hydration. And we like the idea of a sixth sense type advert for Drench.

We decided to go ahead with the Drench idea. And went away to do individual research and develop the six sense idea, in our own way.

I liked the idea of when he doesn;t get it he starts going a bit mad, the animation style changes, like the pink elephants in Dumbo, the I can’t wait to be king song in the lion king or the heffalumps and woozles in winnie the pooh. But it was too complicated.

I thought it would be difficult to animate an dehydrated version of the main guy so we changed the thing that was chasing him into a bottles … but I also thought it was strange that he would be running away from bottles … maybe he is so thirsty that he starts seeing things … Running after people in the office, thinking that they are drench..

After a discussion we decided that he would be running away from a monster, THE THIRST.

4) The script.

After deciding on the final idea, and exactly what we all wanted to do as a group, I wrote the script out. The script, will help the Illustrators visualise the advert better to help inspire the storyboards.

5) Acting!

To make things even easier to storyboard, and help with the timings, for the “storyboarder”, myself and Harshani decided to act out the script.

We also did this to help in the animating stage.


(the video is on the main blog, if the link above doesn’t work)

6) Because I got impatient waiting for the others to do a storyboard, I made my own one.

After the coin in frame there a few missing frames … the monster gets right behind him, he gets the Drench, the monster explodes and the office returns to normal, i’m not sure where the images are, but they are in the animatic.

7) The animatic

My role in the animatic was to put the images together, Harshani and Aaron are doing the sound fx.

here is the animatic.


I don’t know why it’s turned blue :/ i will have to upload it again at some point.

8 ) Now the group has decided to film the advert as a live action movie and animate the monster. Which means a lot less work for me and Harshani. 🙂

I have been researching 2D animation, looking at scooby doo mostly, as I think that style will work really well. And i have also looked at making an armature, and maybe doing the monster that way.

I put on a face mask to get a cracked skin effect for visual referencing.


We have decided to impose the monster using CGI. Which Harshani has been working on. I have never mixed live action and animation before, so i have researched different methods. The most common is Green Screen. 😀

Animating, because this was a new process for both the animators, we had to conduct tests before we made the final advert.

Tests, We have to edit every single frame that we want the monster to be in, because we have gone with live action, thats 25 frames per second, and it takes a long time to do, So we want to do as little as possible, needless to say, we don’t want to edit the monster in and then decide we don’t need those frames. So tests are really important.

At first i decided to import a quick image of the monster into each frame, that we wanted to have the monster in, no animation, just a still image. This took so long (75 frames in photoshop) but at the time it was useful to us.

here is the final ad without a voice over just using Aarons sound

and here it is with my voice over added over the top of the sounds.


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